A CHILLING WARNING! (UFOs) are just the tip of the ICEBERG!

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    I think I'm a victim of this technology. Please be aware!

    It’s true that a highly evolved technology is out there, not being able to understand this complicated truth, we have been ridiculing our fellow human beings for quite a long time, however, I must say that these unidentified flying objects or extremely advanced flying machines and its related phenomena are actually a humongous crime against humanity that is being committed by a group of human beings who are living in SWITZERLAND TODAY.

    There has been an extremely advanced global society way back in the past. Pharaohs, who built the great Pyramid of Giza, are a family who has been living in this highly advanced global society. However, to keep the ruling of the Earth under their families, through strategically engineered events, they have depopulated the world and through these events they have managed to put us(all the nations) into stone age whilst keeping the technology within their families. Thereafter, using this mind-boggling, extremely advanced technology, they (their descendants) have been running an invisible rule on Earth. The satellites, that this highly advanced global civilization has been having is mind-boggling too, this wouldn’t be possible without these satellites. These highly advanced / extremely sophisticated surveillance satellites are still operating in our skies. These satellites are monitoring brain activities of human beings 24/7. It could manipulate your perceptions in real-time or even map AI’s to your brain and control your bodily activities (We have self driving cars but what about human bodies that is driven by AI’s, whilst our minds are in an unconscious state? What happens if they map AI’s to top positions of your government/military personnel and control major decisions?). For example, it could stimulate your visual cortex and make you see a person though that person is actually not in front of you and you would not know what’s real and what’s manipulated. This technology could replicate or replay any neural activity that you have in your brain through satellites, therefore, these satellites are extremely powerful. Again, there’s a complicated reasoning behind this claim and I URGE you to take this WARNING SERIOUSLY and give your UTMOST ATTENTION to research and understand the truth behind UFOs and its related phenomena without a delay. Our enemy is not Iran, Russia, China, Israel, US, UK or any other country it’s these families. WE HAVE NEVER HAD A CONTACT WITH ALIENS, IT’S A DECEPTION ONLY. YOU HAVE INTERACTED WITH GENETICALLY MODIFIED BEINGS.

    Following is a conversation that Billy Meier is having with these people on Earth, however, they have deceived Billy Meier to think that aliens are communicating with him, THIS IS A LIE. THIS IS NOT ALIENS, HUMAN BEINGS ARE BEHIND THIS CRIME! Though they mentioned that the monitoring disc has been removed from the skies, it’s ANOTHER LIE, THIS GLOBAL SATELLITE GRID IS STILL OPERATING IN OUR SKIES.

    What about those control discs that monitor the world — will they remain stationed around the Earth?


    All of the monitoring devices have been removed now. The only remaining one is intended for the Center. It is no larger than 7 mm [approx. 2/8th of an inch] in diameter and 3.2 mm [1/8th inch] in thickness.


    And that contains the entire monitoring electronics and the signal transmitter?


    Along with many other devices of which you could not even dream, as you express it. The monitoring device also contains the transmitter, receiver and a related picture transmission system that transmits everything at a multiple of the speed of light to a checkpoint near to our dimension passage at the . – http://www.theyfly.com/Contact_251.html

    Someone could say that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, however, it is just a bunch of words only, let’s be realistic, if someone uses a technology that is 1000+ years or 10000+ years ahead of ours to commit a crime, is it possible for us to prove it unless we giving an extraordinary effort?Is it possible for us to understand and classify a particular phenomenon as a crime against humanity with our current scientific understanding? That said, let me unfold the complicated story of the planet Earth.

    Summary of important points of the article:

    • Anecdotal Evidence For the Existence Of the Phenomenon. Highly educated and intelligent people are coming forward to expose the truth today.
    • Is it possible to hide an advanced technology on Earth? Yes, it’s entirely possible, we just need to master 3 things only.
    • Is it possible to remove the evidence for the existence of highly advanced global societies from the face of the Earth? Yes, it’s entirely possible, again, we just need to master 3 things only. A reply that a theoretical physicist and a neuroscientist would understand. After all, this is a mind-boggling technology, and the related phenomena cannot be understood by every human being on Earth, experts in neuroscience, theoretical physics, and other experts must dig into the issue without a delay. These people must be open minded and trust pure logic, not beliefs.
    • Which means, this could be a technology that belongs to a group of human beings on Earth? Yes, that’s correct and that’s the truth. Which also means, they are secretly ruling the world for quite a long time using their high-tech toys and that’s why the UFO phenomenon can be traced back to ancient times too. Not only that this is why an extremely high number of yearly UFO activities on Earth.
    • Which means, the perpetrators behind the UFO phenomenon are trying to establish the ET visitation belief among human beings? That’s correct, by using a highly evolved technology, it’s quite easy to establish such a belief in human beings. From a highly evolved technological standpoint, we only need genetically modified beings and 2 high-tech toys to establish this belief in human beings and roam the Earth freely using their extremely advanced machines. And this has raised the unidentified flying object phenomenon in the world.
    • So extraterrestrial beings (ET’s) visitation is a deception? A misunderstanding? A false claim? Yes, that’s correct, we could further analyze the following hypothesis to make sense of this further.
      • Extraterrestrial Hypothesis
      • Terrestrial Hypothesis
    • The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. Its related phenomena are a carefully constructed narrative to deceive the society.
    • The Terrestrial Hypothesis. A staggering amount of evidence is in plain sight but we must think out of the box to understand the evidence that supports the terrestrial hypothesis.

    1). Extremely high number of UFO-related activities per year. Clues for the use of high-tech toys on a daily basis by a group of human beings on Earth.

    2). The UFO phenomenon can be traced back to ancient times. A clue that a group of human beings using the technology for quite a long time on Earth.

    3). From a highly evolved technological standpoint, UFO-related phenomena show the existence of a highly advanced neuro/psychotronic weapon on Earth and this can be traced back to ancient times too.

    I). The missing time phenomenon

    II). Alien beings channeling phenomenon

    III). Deceased people channeling phenomenon

    IV). Multiple personality phenomenon. This is a quite new phenomenon and it’s history goes back to 15th century only. A personality reflecting sophisticated human actions cannot be seen prior to the 15th century in MPD/DID cases

    V). Psychic Phenomenon

    VI). Automatic writing phenomenon

    VII). “Targeted Individuals” phenomenon

    VIII). The voice of God phenomenon

    IX). Prophets and the Prophetic phenomenon

    (This evidence is not yet recognized. When you closely look into the above cases, you would understand that these cases are due to a mind-boggling AI-based applications only. A global satellite grid has been deployed to create these phenomena on Earth and this grid monitors brain activities of human beings 24/7. Is there an element of truth behind the all-seeing eye? or is it just a myth? Have you ever wonder why UFO encounters are experiencing paranormal and psychic experiences? This article should give you an insight. We have been ridiculing our fellow human beings for making claims with regard to UFOs and we have been ridiculing another group of human beings for making claims with regard to a technology that’s able to control human minds. After all, we have been referring to a highly evolved technology. What could be the ultimate truth? )

    4). Highly advanced knowledge can be seen in some unique ancient books clearly supporting the terrestrial hypothesis.

    5). A ton of evidence can be seen in ancient stone structures revealing an advanced knowledge and an advanced technology supporting the terrestrial hypothesis.

    • Other supporting evidence for the terrestrial hypothesis.
    • The Crop circle phenomena, its connections to UFOs and ancient Egypt .
    • Who are the perpetrators and where do they stay?
    • Final thoughts & the future of humanity.

    Anecdotal Evidence For the Existence Of the Phenomenon:

    There is overwhelming anecdotal evidence from people all over the world, supporting the existence of the phenomenon and they claim that the technology is highly advanced. On top of this, today, there’s a staggering number of highly educated, credible and respected people are coming forward to expose the phenomenon and this group including astronauts, pilots, scientists, military personnel, police officers, doctors etc…

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